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Archive for October, 2011


Happy Halloween!

Great company, great chilli & fun family time – great way to connect with the neighbors too!

Quote of the night was from good friend Jeremiah (& father of Princess Miah):

‘On any other night, old people luring children with candy would be creepy.’#weirdtraditions More…


Ministry Paradox


We Shall Be Like Him


Read Daily


Holy Planking!

Earlier this year ‘planking’ went viral – the art of stiffening ones body like a literal plank in all sorts of crazy, unlikely & dangerous places and capturing it on camera. Last May whilst visiting Australia I was surprised at how the art had caught on & captured imaginations abroad – also more than a little entertained as family members demonstrated it for us.

This week arguably the holy equivalent emerged Stateside from sporting hero, NFL Quarterback, and Christ follower Tim Tebow. More…


US Pro Cycling Challenge

The Challenge took place on the path outside our back gate this morning! Joey rose to it, conquered his fear and rode on two wheels instead of four! Click & see:¬† IMG_0603 & IMG_0604 … his sights are now set on the Tour De France!

Jacob was working on his tricycle pedaling skills but ended up preferred the more productive activity of mowing the lawn!


Another great Fall Monday with the Feet.


The Humble Servant & His Matcheless Love

This weekend at LifeBridge we’re inviting people to be refreshed by Christ – the servant Jesus. Here’s an iTunes link to our worship set list:

Following are my thoughts as I prepare to lead worship. More…


The Key Of The Greater Work


How We Think Of The Church


Joey’s Trip

So Joey just informed¬†us that his baggage is ready & he’s going on a trip. After lunch he needs to go to the airport and catch a pwane (plane) to Fort Tollyon!

Not sure where this is, but he’s pretty convinced he’s going there?! I’m guessing it might be somewhere close to Timbuktu or Never Neverland…

Oh to be 4 again… Maybe the trip will happen during nap time courtesy of a very active imagination with a connecting flight through dreamland!