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Connecting the Dots

In his commencement address to Stanford University’s graduating class of 2005, Steve Jobs said: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

This opening paragraph in an email I received last week following the death of one of the great innovators of our time (likely you received it too) made me think of The Slingshot Group. Albeit in much more of a niche market, two other innovators used the same language when forming a team to help ‘aim the church forward through 21st century worship, arts and communication’ in 2007.

Stan Endicott & Monty Kelso were already helping great churches and quality worship arts candidates ‘connect the dots’ and advance the kingdom. It was time to formalize the process and be intentional about leveraging their nationwide network of relationships. To really get after helping churches reach new heights in the way their people and communities experience and connect the most important dots: creator and created!

Since then The Slingshot Group has helped numerous churches break through in the area of worship arts & communication. This is achieved through creative consulting, coaching/aiming and a unique blend of strategic forward planning, team/ministry structure and staffing recommendations.

The Slingshot Group fills a void in the church world that has long been one of the ‘giant (Goliath) problems’ of local ministry. Leadership is not often equipped to make the right decisions in the area of worship arts ministry. How does a left brain executive pastor or an already maxed senior pastor have, or find the bandwidth to make this all important hire and structure a creative environment? Or, worse still, a ‘search committee’ with plenty of other pressing items on their plate and many differing opinions! (Talk about ‘death by committee’!)

A church representative recently asked a fellow ‘Slinger’ (our name for Slingshot Associates that consult, coach and point staff searches) ‘what will/can Slingshot Group do that we can’t?’ the answer was short: ‘the work’!

A church staffing advertisement can net hundreds of applications that take an equal amount of valuable man hours to search through to find the short list of just a few candidates! The Slingshot Group and its team of Slingers have a quality vetted ‘well’ of candidates and can often come ‘right out of the gate’ with two or three for a church to consider.

‘Ah, it’s like e-harmony for churches’ another client said. A nice analogy, but Slingshot Group does so much more! We get to know your church personally, visit on a weekend, meet with key leaders, attend services, assess, consult, coach, offer advice, and create a profile document on the church and a position profile that narrows down the search field to a few well suited candidates to choose from!

 It is such an honor to serve as a Slinger on the Slingshot Team and to see the ‘dots get connected’ in ministry! I often comment on how every search is unique and it is amazing to see God do His work in putting these partnerships together!

In another part of my life I’m involved with families (including my own) that God has brought together through the miracle of adoption. Another divine connecting of dots. It seems the closer we get to God’s heart in connecting families and equipping ministries the more opportunity we get to witness His powerful hand in action!

Maybe that’s why the words of the late and brilliant Steve Jobs resonated so strongly! Not only was it familiar Slingshot language, but as an adoptee Jobs could clearly see how dots had connected in his past to impact his future.

And to again borrow words from the innovator “So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”… At Slingshot, if you allow us to partner with you, rest assured – we know who to trust! 

…and find out how The Slingshot Group is expanding its services!

  • Wow! This is so good mate! Love the integration of Steve Job’s story..Timely and Intriguing. Thanks for all you’re doing!


    October 13, 2011

  • Tim:
    Great article. You captured the essence of who Slingshot is. Well done!

    Dave Morgan

    October 13, 2011

  • I love you, man

    Michael Adler

    October 13, 2011

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