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Who Is Your Slingshot?

This the question that Slingshot Group is asking in their new blog campaign this month:

Slingshots aim us in the right direction.
Slingshots often come along when we’re about to shoot ourselves in the foot or go off like a loose cannon.
Slingshots take the time to stretch us, grow us + challenge us…even when their schedules are busy.
Slingshots remind us that all the tension, pulling, and pressure we go through actually propel us forward!
Slingshots usually have slingshots of their own.

So, who’s your slingshot?

My answer:There are many – here are a few:
My wife Mandy – who aims me forward in more ways than I have time to list…
Tim Brown – who creatively challenges, motivates & sharpens me…
Nick Reid – who speaks sanity into my life in so many ways…
Joe Scott –  whose life journey inspires, & musicianship & drive amaze me
Greg Allen – fellow Slinger who reminds me that worship ministry is an honor and a BLAST…
My creative co-workers…
Many of the volunteers I serve with and lead…
The Singers I get to work with…

I could go ON & ON but better get back to work!


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