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Archive for March, 2012


Advice from One PK to Another

Some months ago at LifeBridge I shared that my Dad was about to be ordained into ministry. So, in my late 30’s I’m about to become a ‘Pastor’s Kid’ (I added that my mid-life crises was in danger of becoming a belated teenage rebellion!)

Last week I received an email containing advice on the matter that was worthy of posting. While, it’s maybe too late for me, I do have two PK’s in my house that will be navigating their way in the world… & (to all the young PK’s out there) maybe it’s not too late for you: More…


Directionally Challenged Eternally Grateful

Many things define us: I’m a husband, father, musician, pastor, male, bloke…another thing defines me as a bloke; I HATE asking for directions!

At LifeBridge we’ve been learning how God gave Moses and His people the Ten Commandments as rules for living and part of His Covenant with them. Then the new Covenant; He sent Jesus to save us by grace… then, possibly the third greatest gift to MANkind; More…


Cyber Trip

A couple of weeks ago, just before our 5pm Saturday church service at LifeBridge, I attended a Sunday 10am service at my home church in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, without leaving the building in Colorado! How did I do it?: With my iPhone and my brother-in-law’s iPad (gotta love technology when it works!) More…