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Cyber Trip

A couple of weeks ago, just before our 5pm Saturday church service at LifeBridge, I attended a Sunday 10am service at my home church in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, without leaving the building in Colorado! How did I do it?: With my iPhone and my brother-in-law’s iPad (gotta love technology when it works!)

I had a front row seat, they welcomed me and and I said ‘G,day’! The occasion was my 15 yr old nieces baptism. We’re close, she messages me everyday, and I’ve journeyed with her as she made this important decision – it took a while. Then, in the days since, she’s been so FIRED up – everyday, sending me insights about her new life in Christ… it’s been great.

I’ve got a few more miles on my tires than her however, and know that ‘life’ is gonna happen. When it does I pray and hope that the planting we’ve been doing grows roots that go down deep and sustain her during the tough desert times. Dreams can die hard in the desert can’t they?

If you’re not in a desert season right now I’m sure you’ve been there or one day will be.

Here’s a truth I’ve come to know: God believes in us even when we don’t. He always has a plan and when we reach out, even with the tiniest scrap of faith He’ll get us through… Faith, hope, and love always remain.

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