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Archive for May, 2012


Slingshots, Rubber Bands, & A New Season

After nearly five years of diligent effort and God’s gracious favor serving the local church through worship searches, Slingshot Group are stepping out in immense ways and EXPANDING SERVICES TO INCLUDE ALL AREAS OF STAFFING AND COACHING. You could say “the rubber band just got stretched farther!”  Some of the brightest and best ministry specialists in the country have been recruited to tend to specific staff needs and coach entire ministries toward the remarkable. Slingshot is no longer “just” worship.

Check out the new website – – it tells the story in a new and compelling way, and introduces the fantastic team of staffing experts and coaches who have recently joined the quest to help churches reach the remarkable.

PLEASE PASS THIS NEWS ALONG to your friends and ministry partners.

Its time to take aim at the giant obstacles that can get in the way of advancing the kingdom!



Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?