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Practicing The Presence & Glory Of God

Writer John Fischer wrote this week:

‘God doesn’t desire more of our time sometimes; He desires more of our attention all the time.

“I have set the Lord always before me.” (Psalm 16:8 NIV)

“My eyes are ever on the Lord.” (Psalms 25:15 NIV)

“I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” (Psalm 34:1 NIV) More…


Art, Passion, Grace & Forgiveness

Mandy & I had a great date in Denver this past weekend for our anniversary. We ate out and enjoyed the ‘urban art’ (aka: graffiti or ‘Tebow-art’). Then we enjoyed the historic art (at the Denver Art Museum), shopped a little, and went for a coffee date in the afternoon as snow gently covered the city – it was romantic.



New Year Choices

This past week we took a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion with our boys. This is a stretch for me, because even though it sounds like a great place to visit, it’s actually an insect zoo! I happily left a country full of disgusting insects and moved to Colorado which is God’s chosen land when it comes to hairy disgusting creepy crawlies! We hardly have any here – except at the Butterfly Pavilion where you can hold a fat tarantula named Rosie and get a sticker to prove that you did! Needless to say, none of us got a sticker – I didn’t particularly want to screem like a middle schooler in front of a bunch of middle schoolers who were proudly lining up to hold Rosie. (I’m still having bad dreams about her dangling from the rear view mirror in my car!)

Fortunately we all loved the butterfly atrium despite Joey’s initial disappointment that one wouldn’t land in his hands – after all a 4 yr olds hands are not the safest place for an endangered species of butterfly!

But the picture of Joey standing with open hands waiting for a butterfly to land was a great perspective moment for me for the new year… I hope I live that way. I hope I choose to live with hands open to what God wants to do this new year, not closed to His possibilities and hanging on to my fears and short comings. More…


Christmas Gifts

As we get into the last week of the Christmas season I hope you’re finding time and space to enjoy it. Despite the desperation that the advertising world perpetuates with it’s countdowns and urgings to not forget anyone on your Christmas list! More…


Christmas Feet!

Merry Christmas…

…to all our wonderful family and friends from wintery Colorado.

Joey especially prepared a Christmas Snow Angel for you!

This is how he made it: More…


Christmas Mess

It’s Easy to feel like life is a mess during the Christmas season. So much going on and so many things to get done.

A perfect illustration jumped out for me this week in my boys plastic Fisher Price nativity set.

This is the way Mandy and I like it to look:

This is how they like it to look: More…


Christmas Reality

At LifeBridge this Christmas season we’re inviting people to choose their ‘Christmas reality’. To decide what to do with the gift of the baby in the manger – God’s gift to us. We get to choose.

We’re also inviting people to encourage others to also choose by pointing friends & family to the website: and look deeper into His gift.

So this Christmas season; is the busy calendar going to cause you to miss the meaning? Is the next 4 weeks going to be about ‘stuff’, or more important things like sacrifice, purpose & truth? More…


Divine Workmanship

This was the view from my office window this evening! I commented to a friend: More…


Who Is Your Slingshot?

This the question that Slingshot Group is asking in their new blog campaign this month:

Slingshots aim us in the right direction.
Slingshots often come along when we’re about to shoot ourselves in the foot or go off like a loose cannon.
Slingshots take the time to stretch us, grow us + challenge us…even when their schedules are busy.
Slingshots remind us that all the tension, pulling, and pressure we go through actually propel us forward!
Slingshots usually have slingshots of their own.

So, who’s your slingshot?

My answer: More…


Beginning to feel a lot like…

Christmas starts early in America, well at least in our street! Thanksgiving happens and then the streets light up… I struggle to keep up!

Actually Christmas started for me back in August when the creative team at LifeBridge started planning our Christmas program/concert (but that’s another story/blog!)

SO, the day after the turkey feast I was up on the roof feeling like Clark Griswold hangin lights!

The best part of hanging lights each year is the view from our roof!