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When ordinary people like us are aimed in the right direction MAJOR things start to happen: Aiming



“We will go where you tell us to go, we will speak out your very word, we will move when you tell us to move, we are yours” – Chris Brown & Mack Brock (Elevation Worship)



How Much Did YOUR Kid Cost?

Only just catching up with this blog post – something everyone should read! Unfortunately we’re familiar with some of these questions…


Holy Planking!

Earlier this year ‘planking’ went viral – the art of stiffening ones body like a literal plank in all sorts of crazy, unlikely & dangerous places and capturing it on camera. Last May whilst visiting Australia I was surprised at how the art had caught on & captured imaginations abroad – also more than a little entertained as family members demonstrated it for us.

This week arguably the holy equivalent emerged Stateside from sporting hero, NFL Quarterback, and Christ follower Tim Tebow. More…