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The Next Song Matters


Ever Wonder What Your Worship Leader Does All Week?


Serving the Church…

Love leading IN the local church and also SERVING the wider Church with the team at  …Check out this video – it gives a great snapshot of what we do:

What we do

Here’s also some personal thoughts about why I love the church, this team, and some other fun stuff:

What I do




Church: A Restaurant for Sheep…


Keepin it SIMPLE!


Who Is Your Slingshot?

This the question that Slingshot Group is asking in their new blog campaign this month:

Slingshots aim us in the right direction.
Slingshots often come along when we’re about to shoot ourselves in the foot or go off like a loose cannon.
Slingshots take the time to stretch us, grow us + challenge us…even when their schedules are busy.
Slingshots remind us that all the tension, pulling, and pressure we go through actually propel us forward!
Slingshots usually have slingshots of their own.

So, who’s your slingshot?

My answer: More…


Slingshot Groups New Website!


How Much Did YOUR Kid Cost?

Only just catching up with this blog post – something everyone should read! Unfortunately we’re familiar with some of these questions…